XHL-20 Automatic GLue Dropping machine for Nameplate, adhesive label,Q card, etc., label drop adhesive

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: XHL
Model Number: 20
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Packaging Details: Cartons and Wooden package
Delivery Time: 7--15 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram,
Supply Ability: 1000
Detail Information
Glue Material: All Kinds Of Two-component Glue, Such As Double-liquid Glue, AB Glue, Silica Gel, Epoxy Resin, PU Glue And So On Glue Dropping Machine: Crystal Photo Album , Label
Label: Resin , Silica , AB Glue Automatic Glue Potting Machine: Automatic Glue Potting Machine
Glue Machine: Nameplate, Adhesive Label,Q Card, Etc., Label Drop Adhesive

Product Description

Product Name: Automatic Glue dropping machine for Nameplate, adhesive label,Q card, etc., label drop adhesive and so on
Description: Fully automatic glue dispensing machine, proportion setting adjustment, glue quantity adjustable.Ready to use at any time, the ratio of high precision, according to the need ratio, save glue.
Application: Widely used in arts and crafts (stickers, patches, trademark paper, cartoon paper, label, photo album), digital electronics, LED waterproof power supply, smart card signage, IC card, trademark, logo label (circuit board, PCB), clothing accessories and so on.
Operating principle:
1, program editing: material compilation , and Chen cases can be
2. Store the edited program and call out similar products.
3. Glue pouring head movement, pump body (driven by stepping motor) for glue supply
4, Motion Trail : straight line, curve, point, box, circle, W type,S type, can walk arbitrary irregular motion trail.

1Glue Ratio  3:1 to1:1 Can be adjust in this ratio
2Stirring Method  Dynamic stirring
3Effective Route  680*680*100MM (can be customized )
4work tabletable : 1050*900mm, effective work table : 680*680mm
5Programming methodTeaching programming
6External dimension1220*1050*1500MM
7Pump A6cc/turn
8Pump B2.4cc/turn (Taiwan)
9Supply Glue powerStepping motor
10Glue Barrel VolumeA:25L With thermostat ,B:10L
11Rate of glue Flow2-8g/s
12Squeeze Glue NozzleSingle with standard , can be customized multi nozzle
13Input air pressure0.5-0.7Mpa

Device Configuraion:

1Control SystemPLC+ SCM +7.2 inch touch screen
2Software SystemIndependent research and development, English interface
3Stepper motorYAKO independent research and development
4Cut-off SystemIndependent research and development manufacturing
5Mixing ArrangementIndependent research and development manufacturing
6Cleaning SystemGas-liquid Cleaning
7Rack MaterialSteel Structure
8Slide PartsA3*3mm Independent research and development manufacturing

Machine Efficiency

1English Operate interface

Anti-dumbing-type operation program design, simple operation, practical, ordinary workers can learn in 5 minutes
You know operation easily

2Import electronic control system

Main electrical wiring, dust, anti - static, are up to foreign standards
Relay omron.
Adopt sinjie PLC
Overload protection for all motors

3Glue Volum testing feedback functionThe glue drum is equipped with the function of low liquid level alarm
4Four times protection of glue filtrationFilter protection measures, reduce the mechanical pump failure probability, prevent the impurities in the glue into the glue pipe
5Big work tableCan be placed at the same time multiple products, automatic continuous operation of the machine, with higher efficiency
6The equipment runs more smoothlyThe overall frame is made of super thick and stable material, which can effectively solve the shaking of the machine body when the machine moves at high speed and improve the production stability and precision
7High precision mechanical pump bodyPrecision adjustment wear resistant
8Fully automatic mechanical stirringThe mixing speed of AB glue can be adjusted from 0 to 3000rpm by dynamic and mechanical stirring
9High precision operationHIWIN linear sliding track and high-precision balance block are adopted to ensure the working accuracy
10Glue barrel heatingImported high quality and reliable safety coefficient of silica gel sheet heating, super protection

Machine Feature
1. Accurate positioning, high precision and small operation error: adopt high-precision sliding track and high-precision balancing device.
2.powerful electric control system: the use of imported original motor, panasonic PLC, touch screen, electronic components, wiring, dust, anti-static system are designed in accordance with national standards.
3.glue preparation: high precision gear pump, give full play to its advantages, large amount of glue supply, high proportion of glue ratio of a new technological breakthrough.
4. Glue level alarm function of A and B: it can prevent glue breaking in time.
5. Original timing glue discharging system: prevent the temporary stop of glue pouring during shift change and rest. After the glue operation time, the glue curing of the mixing system will result in infinite delay of operation time.
6. Glue quantity monitor of B glue curing agent: prevent the dry glue problem caused by B glue breaking.
7. Multiple filtration system: multiple filtration is adopted from the rubber barrel to the rubber head to prevent impurities from entering the rubber barrel and causing pump jam.
8. Heating device can be added, equipped with glue A stirring equipment to prevent precipitation.
9. Automatic cleaning system: the machine adopts the method of liquid separation and packaging, only mixing at the glue outlet head, automatic cleaning after use, quick and convenient operation.
10. Integrated design of glue dispensing and pouring, with automatic operation.
11. Easy to operate, can store 10 sets of parameters, call out product parameters during production, press the start button.
The glue suitable for double-liquid glue pouring machine:
Suitable for all kinds of two-component glue, such as double-liquid glue, AB glue, silica gel, epoxy resin, PU glue and so on.
Accept customized machines with your required size and function.
Service : Free testing , One year Warantee ,and lifetime Service .
XHL-20  Automatic  GLue Dropping machine for Nameplate, adhesive label,Q card, etc., label drop adhesive

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