XHL-2000G-1 Battery Glue Potting Machine glue dispensing machine glue dropping machine

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: XHL
Model Number: 2000G
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Packaging Details: Cartons and Wooden package
Delivery Time: 7--15 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram,
Supply Ability: 1000
Detail Information
Glue Material: All Kinds Of Two-component Glue, Such As Double-liquid Glue, AB Glue, Silica Gel, Epoxy Resin, PU Glue And So On Battery: Battery Glue Potting Machine
Power Supply: Power Supply Glue Potting Machine

Product Description

Operating principle:

1. Program editing: Real object compilation, and put the goods well ;
2. Store the edited program and call out the edited problem for similar products.
3. Glue potting nozzle movement, pump body (driven by stepping motor) for glue supply
4. Motion Trail: straight line, curve, point, box, circle, W type,S type, can follow any irregular trajectory.
5, Z-axis up and down movement using ball shaft screw rapid response.
6 Choose which glue, just choose on the control card.
The product application
1. LED Light bar category: small module, soft light bar, hard light bar, etc
2. LED Lamps and lanterns: small module, wall washing lamp, projection lamp, line lamp, etc
3 Electronics: waterproof power supply, transformer, circuit board, etc
4. All kinds of non-standard pouring adhesive
XHL-2000G-1 Battery Glue Potting Machine glue dispensing machine glue dropping machineXHL-2000G-1 Battery Glue Potting Machine glue dispensing machine glue dropping machineXHL-2000G-1 Battery Glue Potting Machine glue dispensing machine glue dropping machineXHL-2000G-1 Battery Glue Potting Machine glue dispensing machine glue dropping machine
A . Resin Glue Configuration : 10: 1 to 4: 1

1Mixing glue ratio Resin from 10:1 to 4:1
2Stirring method Dynamic stirring
3Machine Route  2000*400*100mm
4Program modeTeaching programming
5Application productWithin 2 meters’LED strip , bar , moudule and lamps
6External dimension(L) 2400*(W)1050*(H)1480mm
7Main pump A9CC/turn gear pump (Taiwan)
8Addition pump B2.4CC/ turn gear pump (Taiwan)
9Glue barrel CapacityA:25L,B: 25L Deserve thermostat
10Squeeze glue volum2-15g/s
11Squeeze nozzleStandard single nozzle, depending on different product, can choose multi nozzles.
12Input pressure0.5-0.7Mpa
13Machine power20000W
14Supply VoltageAC220V±10%,50HZ

B.PU Glue disposition : 1:1

1Glue Ratio  PU Glue 3:1---1:1
2Stirring method  Dynamic Stirring
3Machine Route  2000*500*100mm
4Programming metholdTeaching programming
5Application productsLED strip , LED lamps and moudule within 2 meters
6External dimension 2400*1050*1480mm
7pump A3.2CC/Turn Gear Pump ( Taiwan)
8Pump B3.2CC/ Turn Gear Pump ( Taiwan
9Glue Barrel CapacityA: 25L, B 25: Constant temperature device
10Squeeze glue flux2-15g/s
11Squeeze glue nozzleStandard single nozzle, according to different products , can fix multi nozzles
12Input pressure0.5-0.7Mpa
13Machine Power2000W

Device configuration

1Control SystemPLC+ SCM +7.2 inch touch screen
2Software SystemIndependent research and development, English interface
3Moving electronic MotorYAKO independent research and development
4Measuring pumpPrecision adjustment wear resistant
5Cut-off SystemIndependent research and development manufacturing
6Mixing ArrangementIndependent research and development manufacturing
7Stirring motorOUTAI
8Rack MaterialSteel Structure
9Slide PartsA3*3mm Independent research and development manufacturing
10Static mixer cleaningIndependent research and development manufacturing

Characteristics of three - axis motion irrigation
1. Simple and convenient operation: touch screen display operation;Full Chinese interface, record, display and alarm of various parameters;According to each product to provide the corresponding fixture, workers training simple, save training time and training costs;
2. Precise control of glue quantity: all key components are imported products, which can ensure high speed and precision and meet the requirements of high reliability under automatic production conditions.
Main features:
1. Glue dispensing, glue pouring integration, automatic operation, one machine to achieve two functions.
2, the proportion setting adjustment, the amount of glue can be adjusted.Ready to use at any time, the ratio of high precision, according to the need ratio, save glue.
3, easy to operate, simple program editing, easy to disassemble and convenient, directly put the two kinds of glue A and B into two corresponding buckets, filling the glue, workers just need to press the start switch.
4. According to the performance of glue, the barrel of A is equipped with A constant temperature device, and the barrel of B is well sealed to prevent volatilization. The liquid level induction device will automatically alarm when the glue is lower than this liquid level, and add corresponding glue
5. Convenient cleaning: the mixing pipe of A and B rubber mixture only has the rubber outlet, so the cleaning part only has the mixing pipe, and the other parts do not need to be cleaned. If you need to stop for A period of time after work, you just need to press the automatic cleaning button
Accept customized machines with your required size and function.
Service : Free testing , One year Warantee ,and lifetime Service
The glue suitable for double-liquid glue potting machine:
Suitable for all kinds of two-component glue, such as double-liquid glue, AB glue, silica gel, epoxy resin, PU glue and so on
Welcome to customize your required measurement and function ! 
Service  :Free testing , One  year Warantee , Lifetime service ! 
Package : Use Carton Package first , and external using Wooden Frame . 
XHL-2000G-1 Battery Glue Potting Machine glue dispensing machine glue dropping machine

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